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Pros and Cons of Azure Cloud Services

Jun 16, 2020
cloud services

The fact that cloud computing is here for the long haul is beyond questioning. Moreover, when it comes to cloud computing technologies, we are discussing not just another trend in the IT market, but without any exaggeration, a new business reality. Keep on reading for more details!

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Multicloud: Multicloud Challenges and How to Surpass Them

Dec 30, 2019
Multicloud Challenges

Cloud computing has brought a whole array of new opportunities for the IT companies worldwide as availability, performance, redundancy, etc. were taken to a higher level of quality. Furthermore, security – by far the most speculative aspect of cloud adoption – seems to be leaving the top cloud challenges list, as 85% of enterprises keep…

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Cloud Migration: Which Cloud Migration Strategy is Right for You?

Jun 26, 2019
Cloud Migration Strategies

iLand, a global server provider, conducted a survey in 2017 on how much companies are successful in moving to the cloud. According to the research results, up to 57% of Amazon Web Service (AWS) users faced stalled or failed cloud migration and adoption. Microsoft Azure users reported slightly a less appalling figure of 44%. What…

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