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Artificial Intelligence in the Travel Industry. Part 2: Analyze That

Oct 7, 2019
artificial intelligence tourism

In travel, the competition is fierce and companies shouldn’t put off differentiation any longer. Smart travelers are constantly comparing prices of flights, hotels, and car rentals to make sure that they get the best possible experience for their money. This means that to keep up with the modern pace of life, the tourism and travel…

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AI for Tourists. Part 1: Going on Vacation with a Robot Hand in Hand

Sep 23, 2019
Artificial Intelligence in Tourism

Travelling has become way easier these days. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the development of communications technologies is one thing for sure. But let us not forget about another factor — machines that are becoming smarter with each breath we take. Artificial intelligence imitates our brain processes, detects patterns, learns and helps us make…

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AI with a Degree in Medicine: The Doctor Who Literally Has No Heart

Aug 9, 2019

Can a machine cure a human? To a certain degree yes — robots have been used in surgeries for more than 20 years. Almost all leading digital corporations are developing smart medical products, services and processes based on AI. In total, according to the research firm Venture Scanner, such developments are being conducted by more…

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Smart Cars: Challenges on the Way to Smart Commute

Mar 11, 2019
smart cars

The new market is emerging before us and it is for self-driving cars. Yet, before the present day car industry becomes a thing of the past, there will be a chain reaction of well-anticipated along with unplanned disruptions. What will they be and how the industry is getting through the first transformative stages? See the…

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IoT in the Wood Industry: The Progress is Huge But a Lot is Yet to Come

Jan 14, 2019
IoT in Wood Industry

Top hardware and software players continuously promote innovative solutions for the industries. Intense competition never ceases, especially given the price the manufacturers are eager to pay to achieve maximum cost reduction and revenue increase. See what legacy tools and practices are morphing into to drive the advancement of Wood Industry 4.0.

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