Mobile application testing

We at Qulix have been practicing mobile applications` testing for 12 years already. During these years we accumulated comprehensive testing expertise and put it into 2 testing packages.

Qulix successfully runs mobile application testing on:

Mobile functional testing package

Functional testing is performed to verify that the application functions correctly and according to defined specifications.

  • Regression testing

  • Localization testing

  • Security testing

  • Installation testing

  • Usability testing

  • Configuration testing

Mobile test automation

  • Data driven testing approach
    Methodology based on storing test input and expected results in a table to control the execution of all planned tests.
  • Keyword driven testing
    Technique based on describing test cases by using a predefined set of keywords (actions).
  • Behavior driven testing
    Approach focused on testing system behavior under different conditions.


years of experience in mobile app testing


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our approach

Qulix proprietary approach allows our test engineers to launch application testing at any stage of application development lifecycle.


Some words from our clients

Yulia Demenyuk

Senior Vice President at VTB24

“ We’ve had a long history of close cooperation and it’s been a great pleasure working with Qulix. Back in 2011, the company developed the first version of our mobile banking app and a PDA banking solution. They have always given us cutting edge advantage in terms of timely delivery of projects and quality work. We wish the entire team ever increasing success in its development and growth.”

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