Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Mobilize your business anytime and anywhere

Today mobile devices are a natural part of our daily life. At the same time, work processes are becoming independent of the geographical locations. Customers and employees spend more time carrying out work activities wherever they are. Mobile technologies offer a great opportunity to your company to redesign business activities and processes.

"Enterprise Mobile Application is constantly gaining in importance.

The global revenue for enterprise application software is forecasted to reach 201 billion U.S. dollars by 2019 compared to 115.1 billion in 2011".

Global enterprise application software revenue

Why enterprise mobile application



Enable customers to get relevant information about your products and services in real-time just using their smart phone or tablet.


More flexibility, more efficiency

Improve your business productivity by giving flexibility to your employees having an option to work at any time, from anywhere.


Communication improvement

Enhance collaboration within the company’s team due to accessing corporate data just at a touch.


Cost decrease

Reduce costs with ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) strategy allowing employees to work from their own devices.


Customer satisfaction

Provide better service quality through speeding up decision making processes and reaction time.

what we offer


Rapid app development (RAD)

Fast, high-quality development due to gathering requirements through workshops and focus groups, prototyping and continuous usability testing, re-using software components etc. 


Data security

Software development in line with all current security requirements: encryption, data leakage protection, remote wipe, identity and access management etc.



Simple and intuitive mobile app interfaces in accordance with your user’s needs.



Solutions enabling smooth integration in your existing systems.


Some words from our clients

Vice President of Innovation and Product, Mozido Inc.

“ They are very quick to respond when we have sourcing needs. They have some of the strongest developers out of the five or six offshore companies we work with. They seem to emphasise quality over quantity.”

Oleg Tolkatchev

Software Solutions Department Manager, S&T International

“Looking back at our cooperation with Qulix, it is fair to say that the Company specialists are always willing to get to grips with the assigned tasks, to give professional consultation and provide practical guidelines on setup and management of workflow, owing to which the job is always done on time and with excellent quality.”

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