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Android Development

The Qulix Android development team works with startups and large enterprises to deliver highly functional apps for finance, telecom, entertainment industries or healthcare - to name a few.

The mobile app expertise of our team is expanded beyond basic. We develop for:




Connected devices

In-car systems

You can request Android app development from scratch or develop it based on the existing iOS app.

Cooperation Models

Team Augmentation

by augmenting your staff and choosing co-development with remote engineers, testers, analysts and designers, you boost project scalability without extra expenses for in-house hiring.

TaaS (Team-as-a-Service)

if you are interested in hiring a dedicated Android app development team with the manager or team lead working solely on your project, go for this option. Full transparency, timely reports, and effective communication are the three basic ideas to help you stay in control and get the job done.

Dedicated Development Center (DDC)

for large-scale projects with increased demands we create dedicated development centers. Having a lot in common with remote mobile development teams (TaaS), dedicated centers additionally imply a separated branded office room, access systems, and a different financial model.

Fixed-Cost estimation

surely, we can develop based on a fixed quote. However, fixed-cost models require a thorough project analysis and understanding of the needed integration types. Lack of this analytical data may lead to inaccurate quotes. There is a high chance of underestimating the task or overestimating it due to undefined risks. The in-depth project analysis can be the initial stage of our further cooperation.

We can send you more information about each cooperation model

We Know How To Address Potential Challenges

How to ensure hardware and software compatibility of Android apps?

The abundance of Android devices with different screen resolutions, features, formats and so on makes hardware compatibility a problem. This may be considered a limitation: for example, for devices with no fingerprint sensors, it is impossible to implement this authentication type. However, we are skilled enough to offer multiple authentication methods to use the functionality of the device at its maximum. As far as the growing number of Android OS versions available simultaneously, it takes slightly more time for app development, testing, and improvement. However, our mobile development team knows the nitty-gritty and has the necessary tools to prevent malfunctions and bugs.

Java or Kotlin: which one would you suggest for the Android app development?

It’s impossible to answer without a valid review of the project, its functional and non-functional requirements. Although Java is mature and quite a lot of Android app development tools and frameworks still don’t support Kotlin, in some cases Kotlin-based development is more straightforward, can be a rational choice for fast prototyping and can simplify code maintenance.

How do you deal with Android app security issues?

The lack of strict app launch guidelines for Android development combined with the lack of development expertise facilitates hacker attacks. For the past 18 years of mobile development, we have accumulated enough expertise in encryption technologies, which helps us avoid even minor vulnerabilities in the matter of security.

Alexander Arabey

Director of Business Development

Here are the key services provided for Android app development. Feel free to ask a question, if you haven't found what you are looking for.