Belarusian company specializing in producing hi-fi electronic devices for operation of motorized roller shutters, blinds, gates, garage doors as well as light, ventilation, and further electrical appliances.



The main objective of the smart home automation project was the development of a mobile app that will allow users controlling lights, shutters, blinds, and garage doors of their houses. Moreover, Qulix smart home development team was assigned to create system’s features enabling to collect data from temperature, water leak and motion sensors, as well as security cameras.

The smart home solution design concept was based on the idea of a dashboard which would support the creation of an unlimited number of tiles for managing all pieces of equipment. The access to each device was to be easy and in one-two touches.


  • Linux
  • C++
  • NodeJS
  • Java
  • Go
  • Amazon
  • Cordova
  • Z-WAVE