7 security threats every bank CISO should know

Apr 19, 2016

Every day major financial institutions are under a cyber attack thus, cyber security issues retain leading positions on the annual bank agendas. For financial institutions and banks, in particular, a breach of security can result in a monetary loss, a fall in consumer confidence and damage to the brand. And that`s a strong reason to…

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How to create a compelling mobile bank application: strategy guide

Apr 14, 2016

Developing a mobile bank application is not an easy endeavour. Every step needs to be carefully thought over and discussed with the team of developers and business analysts. Having noticed that most of the nascent companies rely on the idea only, we created a strategy guide that helps to move forward.

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IT and banking. Considering the latest trends

Apr 12, 2016

In the last two or three years, there has been a considerable change in the world of financial services caused by the rapid development of mobile technologies and “smartphonization”. Nowadays, a lot of fintech startups are ready to compete with traditional banking methods. According to McKinsey, there are more than 2000 fintech startups in the world today, in comparison with about 800 startups of 2015. Obviously, they’ve become a force that banks cannot ignore anymore.

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Smart Home Infographics

Mar 29, 2016

How often do you leave home and all of a sudden remember that you`ve forgotten something important? The coffee maker is still on, or maybe the garage door wasn`t closed. It`s no time to come back home and check. Smart homes are about to break the doubts.

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Hybrid apps for retailers

Mar 16, 2016

Mobile searches and purchases are one the rise and don’t seem to stop. According to IBM Retail purchases by mobile have increased by 34 percent last year. It seems only natural to build a mobile application to always be in customer’s pocket. Being mobile helps retailers keep margins higher, reach more customers and increase loyalty.

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