Open API: The Key Security Threats

Jun 27, 2017

APIs enable integration of various applications, connect people, systems, data and things, and simplify interaction between them. Enterprises can be transformed into platforms. However, Open APIs represent a gateway for cyber attacks. IoT, mobile apps, and the Cloud require companies to reveal their data to their employees, customers, and partners. The open structure of APIs…

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Wearables: Key Facts

Jun 15, 2017

Data source:

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Test Automation For Efficient Software Development

Jun 8, 2017

Driving forward digitalization increasingly requires faster application delivery. In fact, long and complex software tests can be replaced by automated processes. ‘Continuous delivery’ is the magic word. In order to stay competitive, software is expected to be integrated into the production processes as quickly as possible. The continuous delivery approach helps to resolve this dilemma….

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Open API for ‘Open’ Banking

Jun 1, 2017

Open API is shaking up the conservative banking sector. In the past, it was sufficient for banks to be present just with their branches and a homepage on the Internet. Meanwhile, the world has changed. Open API enables even small providers (e.g., numerous FinTech-Startups) to offer their products and services on the Internet and integrate…

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How Blockchain Is Transforming The Insurance Sector

May 25, 2017

Digitalization is currently conquering the insurance industry. Blockchain combined with ‘smart contracts’ is expected to revolutionize the insurance sector. What if in the future, it will be possible to unify data of all parties that are involved in a particular insurance claim, and to initiate immediate payouts to policyholders? It would mean there will be…

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