AI in Medicine: Robot as a Doctor

Dec 8, 2016

Robots that assist surgeons or help disabled people in their daily routine: automation is conquering medical industry. But how does it look in practice and what impact will it have in the coming future? Will robots replace human doctors one day? Are robots better surgeons? Robots in operating rooms – that may sound absurd, but…

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IIoT: Internet of Things meets Industry

Dec 1, 2016

The factory of the future looks fantastic. Smart machines work together like a well-matched team. They communicate with each other; each one knows exactly what to do to make a product just the way the customer wishes. The machines keep a constant check on which of the robots has free capacities and consistently calculate the…

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Industries being currently transformed by Machine Learning

Nov 24, 2016

You may also be interested in Artificial Intelligence: Trends and Predictions for 2030 Learn more about Qulix IoT services and AI solutions [1] [2]

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IoT and Security: Cyber Attack from Your Fridge

Nov 17, 2016

Apps for living room lamps, smart fridges and wearables: IoT has reached our daily life. For customers it is a very useful technology, but, on the other hand, a pretty risky one. IoT security became a much-discussed topic as recently the news came that a botnet attacked a blog of a US security expert through…

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Artificial Intelligence in banking. Giant Brain behind the scenes

Nov 10, 2016

By 2020, AI is expected to become a core component of the fund design process, particularly around trading authorizations and hand-offs with investors. Due to expanding digitalization the risk of fraud and hacking it will continue to grow. AI already plays an important role in investment activity and high-speed trading with algorithmic triggers. Besides, it…

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