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Smart Home Infographics

Mar 29, 2016

How often do you leave home and all of a sudden remember that you`ve forgotten something important? The coffee maker is still on, or maybe the garage door wasn`t closed. It`s no time to come back home and check. Smart homes are about to break the doubts.

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Hybrid apps for retailers

Mar 16, 2016

Mobile searches and purchases are one the rise and don’t seem to stop. According to IBM Retail purchases by mobile have increased by 34 percent last year. It seems only natural to build a mobile application to always be in customer’s pocket. Being mobile helps retailers keep margins higher, reach more customers and increase loyalty.

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Unbiased insight into Customer Loyalty criticals. Based on opinion poll of our clients and SMM followers

Mar 3, 2016

We at Qulix believe that well-built customer loyalty policy is the clue to reliable long-term client engagement. Creating customer loyalty cannot be regarded as a one-time effort, but continuous endeavour. For that purpose, a company needs to define clues that make the backbone of the policy.

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Omni-channel approach to e-commerce and retail

Feb 29, 2016

We are now facing exciting changes in retail business. People are increasingly using their mobile devices for product research. Users demand better and more personalized experiences regardless of the media they use.

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Implementing mobile contactless payments: guide to overcoming pitfalls

Feb 25, 2016

The introduction of mobile and contactless payments has become a real technological boost in Fintech industry. Having tried this technology once, consumers and retailers will never abandon it. Obviously, the technology is mutually beneficial and convenient. Despite the evident opportunities there are some issues that need to be taken into account.

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