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Retail Goes Digital: Top Trends To Prepare A Business For Transformation

Apr 5, 2018 watch 3 min

The boundaries between online and offline retailing are increasingly vanishing. It means for retailers, they have to be available for their customers across all channel. Concurrently, the traditional shop concepts require digital modernization. Unified Commerce is the next big trend Nowadays, customers expect efficiency, both in online shopping and in stores. The strong competitive position…

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Mastercard: Biometric Authentication Is Soon A Must-Have For Banks

Mar 8, 2018 watch 2 min

The US credit card company Mastercard has recently announced that customers will soon have an opportunity to use biometric identification. The company expects to make customer shopping experience more convenient and safer. What does it mean for banks? From April 2019 all Mastercard users will be able to identify themselves using fingerprints or facial recognition…

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The Future of Shopping: Augmented Reality in Retail

Oct 24, 2017 watch 2 min

Augmented Reality gained a worldwide popularity after the launch of Pokémon GO, the famous mobile app. AR requires interaction with reality. The technology allows overlaying digital information (graphics, sounds, haptic feedback, etc.) on top of the existing environment in real time. A mobile device camera or a special headgear enables to combine real life with a…

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Beacons: Small Devices, Big Impact

Oct 12, 2017 watch 2 min

Beacons have already been known for a few years. However, they came to the attention of a larger audience as iBeacons marketed by Apple. The technology has a potential to become a standard in the coming future. For instance, it is already widely used at POS. According to Statista, the projected value of in-store retail sales…

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The Power of Social Media: Figures and Facts

Sep 14, 2017 watch < 1 min

Data source:

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