Energy Management: Why pay for the energy you don’t really use?

Jun 20, 2016

What is EMS?  Energy Management System (EMS) collects and analyses data from electricity, gas and water facilities in real time with the key goal to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. It’s suitable for private houses as well as organizations, irrespective of size, but especially profitable for those that consume a big amount of energy….

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5 advantages of living in a smart home

Jun 14, 2016

The house of tomorrow is smart. It knows exactly what its residents need and takes over many annoying duties. It sounds fantastic, but it’s a reality. Atmospheric lightning, well-tempered room or a message on your smartphone advising you when the washing machine is done. Living in a smart home is just more comfortable. All the connected…

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Connected cars: the mobility of tomorrow

Jun 2, 2016

Less traffic congestions, more security and comfort, environmental sustainability and a variety of information and entertainment services – the future of connected cars looks very attractive.  By 2020 the share of cars connected to the Internet worldwide is expected to be 22 percent.  Nevertheless, there is a lot of work to do before the smart…

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Wearables — the future of medical care

May 31, 2016

Smart watches and fitness bracelets are gaining in importance. In the next 5 years the popularity of wearables is forecasted to increase enormously, especially in the healthcare sector. By 2021 the global healthcare device shipment and revenue is expected to reach 98 million units.  The smart health watchers Until recently wearables have got more attention in…

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Internet of Things — the future is already here

May 26, 2016

Life is becoming smarter: smart city, smart home, smart car, smart watch. More and more aspects of our lives get influenced by the Internet of Things. It’s no longer a story from a fantasy movie. The majority of traditional devices like wash machines or fridges are already connected with a smart phone. Both consumers and…

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