NFC: connect the unconnected

Sep 29, 2016

NFC (Near-field communication) is a wireless technology enabling contactless data exchange over a short distance (up to 10cm). It can be applied in numerous areas. Some of them are eTicketing to pay an entry or a travel ticket, or large warehouses to keep track of goods or the automobile industry to manage the car multimedia…

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Smart Parking for intelligent city infrastructure

Sep 20, 2016

Are you frustrated from searching for a parking lot in overcrowded parking houses? The IoT Smart Parking technology promises to help solving this problem thanks to intelligent sensors, innovative software and data interpretation. How does it work? Smart Parking connects parking places with the Internet of Things and enables efficient parking management and traffic volume…

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The Robots are coming: how chatbots turn messengers into sales platforms

Sep 15, 2016
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Banking Chatbot: Customer Service of the Future

Sep 8, 2016

With the increasing need for individualized, context-rich Customer Care Banks are increasingly investing into service automation. That’s why Chatbot is a revolution in banking. Bots help serve Clients faster, at lower costs, wherever they are and whenever they wish.  What is a chatbot? Co-called ‘chatbots’ are computer systems that simulate human conversations. They represent a…

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Infographics banking chatbot

Sep 6, 2016
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