What banks should know about PFM development in 2020?

Sep 30, 2019
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Not so long ago statistics showed low adoption levels on Personal Finance Management (PFM) systems. Indeed, the 10-12% adoption rate can hardly be a strong motivation for banks to invest in PFM development. But the financial industry is changing, shaped by customers, who are looking for some financial coaching instead of financial education. 

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DevOps: How to Develop a True DevOps Culture in Your Company

Sep 27, 2019

What can be improved about DevOps, is open for speculation. However, this trend brought about tremendous changes to the industry even in its infant stage, without sophisticated tools available to us by now. Given this, in this article we’ll be talking about the core of the DevOps culture – the people and the mindset.

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AI for Tourists. Part 1: Going on Vacation with a Robot Hand in Hand

Sep 23, 2019

Travelling has become way easier these days. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the development of communications technologies is one thing for sure. But let us not forget about another factor — machines that are becoming smarter with each breath we take. Artificial intelligence imitates our brain processes, detects patterns, learns and helps us make…

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Cloud Automation: A Better and Faster Way to Do Business

Sep 20, 2019

IT industry never ceases to evolve. From clouds, to VMs, to containers… We never know what its next move will be like, but are instinctively ready to adopt to its beneficial transformations. Or not? In this article, we’re talking about cloud automation to introduce the newbies to its perks and remind the old-schoolers of what…

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How Can Digital Customer Onboarding in Banks Increase Sales and Build Loyalty?

Sep 12, 2019
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While banking product portfolios tend to become similar, banks must select between 2 most popular strategies (or combine them): to compete in pricing or to focus on customer experience improvement.  If you prefer the first strategy, you may skip this article. Here we are going to accentuate engaging and personalized customer experience (CX) in the…

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