NFC: connect the unconnected

Sep 29, 2016 watch 2 min

NFC (Near-field communication) is a wireless technology enabling contactless data exchange over a short distance (up to 10cm). It can be applied in numerous areas. Some of them are eTicketing to pay an entry or a travel ticket, or large warehouses to keep track of goods or the automobile industry to manage the car multimedia…

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Smart Parking for intelligent city infrastructure

Sep 20, 2016 watch 2 min

Are you frustrated from searching for a parking lot in overcrowded parking houses? The IoT Smart Parking technology promises to help solving this problem thanks to intelligent sensors, innovative software and data interpretation. How does it work? Smart Parking connects parking places with the Internet of Things and enables efficient parking management and traffic volume…

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The Robots are coming: how chatbots turn messengers into sales platforms

Sep 15, 2016 watch < 1 min
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Banking Chatbot: Customer Service of the Future

Sep 8, 2016 watch 2 min

With the increasing need for individualized, context-rich Customer Care Banks are increasingly investing into service automation. That’s why Chatbot is a revolution in banking. Bots help serve Clients faster, at lower costs, wherever they are and whenever they wish.  What is a chatbot? Co-called ‘chatbots’ are computer systems that simulate human conversations. They represent a…

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Infographics banking chatbot

Sep 6, 2016 watch < 1 min
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IoT in Banking: Invest today to be ahead tomorrow

Sep 1, 2016 watch 2 min

Internet of Things is traditionally associated with wearable devices, connected cars, and smart homes. But IoT also transforms such a traditional and slow for innovation industry as Banking. Consumers are demanding faster, frictionless service from anywhere and from any devices. That’s why financial institutions invest into R&D today to be competitive tomorrow. IDC predicts retail…

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Fasten your seat belts. BMW introduced the car of the future

Aug 25, 2016 watch 2 min

Booming urban areas, megacities and globalization: by 2050 in Europe more than 75 percent, in the USA almost 90 percent of the total population are expected to live in cities. In this context, BMW has developed a concept for the future mobility in urban areas. The futuristic car is expected to be on the market…

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Geofencing as a valuable technology for retail and e-commerce

Aug 16, 2016 watch 3 min

In the future marketing is forecasted to be more personalized. Already now vendors are faced with the challenge how to communicate with the customers equally across all the existing channels. Omnichannel-marketing provides vendors with new possibilities for customer approach. Concurrently, the variety of communication channels significantly complicates the direct communication with prospective customers and requires…

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Telematics: New Horizons for the Insurance Industry

Aug 9, 2016 watch 2 min

The demand for telematics is continuously growing. The U.S. telematics sales are expected to reach 16.3 million units by 2020 in compare with 13 million in 2016. Telematics unites two terms: ‘telecommunication’ and ‘informatics’. It represents a wireless technology for transmitting real-time information from remote using smart devices. Insurance is one of the key areas…

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Cross-Platform vs. Native App Development

Aug 4, 2016 watch 3 min

More and more companies want to bring their solutions, websites and product offers on smart phones and tablets.  For the last several years both the mobile developers and the clients have been faced a core question: native app or a cross-platform solution? A native app represents a development technology for a specific operating system of…

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Distributed Testing: Pros, Cons & Best Practices

Aug 2, 2016 watch 4 min

In agile projects with short iterations, when new versions come up very frequently, optimization of the testing process is the main goal for the QA team. Hence, distributed testing is a very popular method as it significantly reduces the testing time. It is obtained by a simultaneous run of tests on multiple computers interacting with…

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Smart Glass: Innovative Technology for the Future of Cars

Jul 28, 2016 watch 2 min

The term ‘Smart Glass’, also known as intelligent glass, switchable glass, smart or switchable windows, represents a new technology enabling glass properties changes in accordance with external conditions like temperature, light, pressure or electricity. Thus, for example, a well-known automotive supplier Continental presented its ‘Intelligent Glass Control’ at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las…

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How smart glasses will transform banking

Jul 21, 2016 watch 2 min

Wearables in a form of smart glasses are becoming a big deal. They represent a miniature computer that is able to integrate augmented reality with your own. The innovative hands-free tech allows consumers to send email and text messages, take pictures or video. But they can much more. Most of them also enable online banking transactions…

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Top Trends in M2M Communication

Jul 12, 2016 watch 2 min

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly. According to Gartner Research there will be about 25 billion connected devices in use by 2020. This trend provides an indication for the increasing role of technologies that enable connection between various devices. M2M (Machine-to-Machine) refers to the development of methods and standards ensuring a location-independent end-to-end communication…

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E-health: Medicine meets the IoT

Jul 5, 2016 watch 3 min
Internet of Things in Medicine

The term ‘e-health’ has become the latest buzzword. It is used to characterize the combination of technologies from two different areas: the Internet and medicine. It implies a usage of digital media with a key goal to enable more effective and easier medical attendance and treatment of patients. Due to the digital transformation health data is…

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