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Feb 2, 2022 8 min

Top 10 Blockchain Companies & Startups: UK Edition

Is blockchain only about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Certainly, not. Blockchain guarantees the security and authenticity of data records. Today about 90% of banks in Europe and America research this decentralized technological system. Moreover, blockchain fuels insurance, healthcare, government, cybersecurity, and hundreds of other industries. Among the loudest names in the sphere are the businesses…

Jan 21, 2022 7 min

Top 5 Fintech Security Companies to Watch in 2022

The fintech industry is drastically transforming standards for banking and financial services. Today we prefer tech-enabled options and digital financial access. So no wonder that fintech companies raised $40.3 billion in funding in 2021, according to CB Insights, and the industry is developing lightning fast. Meanwhile, cyber threats have grown exponentially, with the cybercrime epidemic…

Jan 17, 2022 7 min

Best Language for Artificial Intelligence in 2022

Today, people don’t view machine learning and artificial intelligence as odd and frightening anymore. So, if you’ve ever employed Siri, Tesla Autopilot, or just a chatbot in your banking app, it means  AI-powered solutions have already entered your life. And while neural networks and robots keep conquering the modern world, it’s essential to follow the…

Jan 9, 2022 7 min

Predictive Analytics in Finance: The Ultimate Guide 2022

Today, we collect more data than ever. Clients are generating data with every interaction they have with your company. With the right technology, such as predictive analytics, we can now leverage that information to foresee what to expect in the future. Surely, every industry can benefit from it, but let’s focus on predictive analytics in finance….

Dec 27, 2021 8 min

Machine Learning & Radiology: Trends and Prospects

The raging storm of COVID-19 waves keeps on testing our healthcare systems. There has never been a greater demand for modern technological solutions used for professional diagnostics, treatment, and prediction of health conditions and specialized support and assistance of continuously overworked medical staff. According to The Lancet journal, machine learning in radiology is one of…