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Internet of Things in Banking
Nov 29, 2019 7 min

Connected Finances. Part 2: When the Internet of Things Secures Your Finances

The Internet of Things has a considerable flair for innovations and is penetrating virtually any sphere of human activities. Surely, we all have noticed how our finances have moved towards becoming all digital and we are gradually forgetting what it is like to use paper cash. More on how businesses are adopting the benefits of…

IoT in Banking
Nov 16, 2019 6 min

Connected Finances: When the Internet of Things Goes to the Bank

Gartner forecasts that by 2020 there will be 21 billion connected “things” in the world. In the coming years, financial institutions will not be able to avoid wondering how this multitude of IoT devices can help their business. Let’s touch upon some IoT use cases in financial services. written by: Anastasia Borodinets Gartner forecasts that…

Aug 20, 2019 8 min

IoT Platform: Technical Perspective in Making the Right Choice

Install, connect and rock. No need to take care of your connectivity speed and all that good stuff related to communication protocols, compatibility and interoperability. From the very start, you chose the right IoT platform from the right vendor who took care of everything. But how did you do that? written by: Anastasia Borodinets Install,…

Aug 9, 2019 8 min

AI with a Degree in Medicine: The Doctor Who Literally Has No Heart

Can a machine cure a human? To a certain degree yes — robots have been used in surgeries for more than 20 years. Almost all leading digital corporations are developing smart medical products, services and processes based on AI. In total, according to the research firm Venture Scanner, such developments are being conducted by more…

IoT services
Jul 22, 2019 8 min

IoT Platform: How to Make the Right Choice and Add Value

The Internet is virtually everywhere. Smart devices, which come in all shapes and sizes, are everywhere as well. Why not make them work together? Yeah, that’s when we need the Internet of Things (IoT). written by: Anton Rykov Product Manager, Qulix Systems The Internet is virtually everywhere. Smart devices, which come in all shapes and…