4 Most Popular Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks for App Development in 2020

Jun 3, 2020

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Cross-Platform software

When it comes to cross-platform mobile development, one of the crucial steps on the way to success is to pick the right framework that allows building feature-packed highly-performing apps tailored to the company’s requirements. The mobile dev market offers a great variety of tools to consider when building your applications. In this article, we will cover the most popular platforms used for cross-platform app development.

What Are the Benefits of Cross-Platform Mobile Development?

Here are the main reasons for partnering with cross-platform mobile app dev teams.

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Without a doubt, more and more companies are turning to mobile app development teams using a cross-platform approach to ensure faster time-to-market and efficient audience outreach.

What are the Best Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks?

Since we’ve figured out what benefits companies can leverage with multi-platform applications, it’s time to learn more about the most popular tools used for their development.

React Native

According to Statista, React Native was the most popular mobile development framework for cross-platform application design globally in 2019. This open-source platform built the foundation for the future success of apps running on multiple operating systems.

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Adobe PhoneGap (aka Apache Cordova)

PhoneGap is another popular cross-platform mobile app dev framework owned by the Adobe company. It utilizes web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 and allows delivering native-like functionality across various platforms.

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This open-source framework is used in cross-platform mobile development that utilizes numerous technologies including SAAS, HTML5, CSS, etc. It allows developers to build creative, fully-featured native-like applications making it one of the most favorite frameworks in the mobile dev community.

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Being initially introduced as an independent framework, Xamarin is now owned by Microsoft and is known as one of the most reliable tools for cross-platform development. Unlike the above-mentioned frameworks, Xamarin utilizes C# and .NET for coding.

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Cross-platform development is your go-to solution if you are looking for a high-performing multi-functional application built at a relatively low cost. To find out which of the above-mentioned frameworks are best suited for creating your app, contact our team. We are always happy to provide answers to any of your questions and find a perfect solution to benefit your business. 

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