Dec 29, 2018

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On the Borderline: Closing IoT Statistics for 2018 and Promising Predictions for 2019

As the year-end is getting closer, we decided to prepare for you a brief summary of most astonishing IoT statistics for 2018. Our infographic may also be interesting for those who look for some inspiring predictions. See the past and the future on the borderline of the old and the new years.

IoT statistics

IoT predictions


Accenture, Winning with the Industrial Internet of Things

Capgemini, Unlocking the business value of IoT in operations

CSG, Profiting from the Internet of Things (IoT): above and beyond connectivity

IoT Analytics, The Top 10 IoT Segments in 2018 – based on 1,600 real IoT projects

I-SCOOP, The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): the business guide to Industrial IoT

McKinsey, What’s new with the Internet of Things?

Statista, Spending on Internet of Things worldwide by vertical in 2015 and 2020The Internet of Things (IoT)* units installed base by category from 2014 to 2020